Investing in a green future together

With sustainable alternatives and modern solutions, Västmanland County Administrative Board aims to set a good example for local residents. Together we have created a unique solution to modernize their property.

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Courage and partnership result in a
challenging and successful landmark

Upgrading an early 20th century building with modern architecture is no simple task. The Swedish National Courts Administration in Alingsås dared to be innovative and created the district court premises of their dreams.

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A social oasis and an efficient workplace

When Hemfosa helped the SSG Standard Solutions Group find new premises, sustainable office solutions and growth potential were high on the list of requirements.

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The most important people
must have the best properties

We provide properties for some of the most important people in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The staff who work in our premises educate our children, take care of our elderly and help to keep our society safe.

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Focusing on the tenant’s needs

Our tenants are important to our entire society. They should be able to focus purely on their work – not the premises. This is why we develop and adapt our properties to their needs.

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Laddar in senaste aktiekursen...


  • Rental income increased 16 percent mainly on the basis of a growing property portfolio. The increase for the comparable portfolio was just under 4 percent.
  • Net operating income increased 19 percent, of which just under 5 percent in the comparable portfolio.
  • The surplus ratio was strengthened by just over two percentage points. This was largely attributable to effects from acquired properties, but also to a higher surplus ratio in the comparable portfolio.
  • Profit from property management increased 24 percent, primarily driven by higher rents from property acquisitions.
  • Unrealised changes in value amounted to MSEK 814, which corresponds to an increase of 2.3 percent, of which 0.3 percent arose in the third quarter. Valuation yields for the quarter remained principally unchanged.
  • Profit after tax decreased 5 percent due to unrealized changes in value being greater last year.
  • The property value increased 10 percent.
  • Net asset value (EPRA NAV) increased to just under SEK 84 per share.
  • On the balance-sheet date, earnings capacity amounted to MSEK 1,465, compared with MSEK 1,360 at year-end.

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Press releases

Hemfosa Fastigheter AB’s application for de-listing approved

2020-01-17 14:02
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Hemfosa Fastigheter AB applies for de-listing and postpones publication of year-end report

2020-01-16 15:30
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2020-01-16 9:30
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Information regarding Change of Control Event in respect of unsecured bonds issued by Hemfosa Fastigheter AB and consent from lenders

2019-12-27 7:30
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