A long-term transformation from suburb to city

Hemfosa and Haninge Municipality are developing the future city centre next to a commuter train station and a nature reserve.

The development of the Najaden building in Haninge centre is a major project that has been in progress for a long time. The journey towards a new urban landscape has started, based on a shared vision and ambition to develop the location and the building.

Hemfosa purchased the 52,000 square metre building in the autumn of 2010 and immediately started working on a new plan to develop the property and introduce new business activities there. Five years later, an extensive renovation project began that will take Najaden and Haninge centre from the 1980s into the present day.

By the project’s completion in 2018, interior and exterior changes had been carried out while the tenants continued their businesses throughout the process. The changes included supplementing the insulation, cleaning the façade, installing new glass panels on the façade, building new entrances, and many customised upgrades for tenants. With the Najaden development, Hemfosa has created a vibrant urban district and a landmark for the municipality.

Hemfosa has invested strongly in a building that many people might find an unexpected choice.

Andreas Paulson, city architect, Haninge Municipality.

In Haninge, Najaden and the development of the centre is regarded as a joint success. The Municipality does not own much land, so development takes place in partnership with local property owners. Two strong points of the partnership with Hemfosa include open dialogue and mutual respect for each other’s duties and roles. This is a prerequisite for working efficiently and strategically.

Haninge Municipality is expanding rapidly with the population rising by 2,500 residents per year. With its large property portfolio and substantial investment in public properties, Hemfosa is a secure partner with a strong long-term presence.