A social oasis and an efficient workplace

When Hemfosa helped the SSG Standard Solutions Group find new premises, sustainable office solutions and growth potential were high on the list of requirements.

Since initial contact was established in 2017, things have moved quickly. Speed has been an important prerequisite for the success of the companies’ partnership. SSG has a coordinating role in Swedish industry, and collaborates in developing standardised services in the areas of health & safety and sustainability with the aim of making industry more safe, efficient and sustainable. The company is expanding, and two years ago recognised a need for larger and better premises. By choosing Hemfosa, the company got a property in a fantastic location and a reliable partner capable of meeting a tight schedule.

After an intensive period of discussions between Hemfosa, the tenant, architects and interior designers, the dull property containing cellular offices from the 1980s was transformed into a modern, eco-friendly workplace covering 2,000 square metres with an open office environment, and SSG was able to move in.

The customised solutions included several green investments that provide both long-term and short-term benefits. For example, Hemfosa installed a geothermal heating and cooling system that reduces the company’s energy consumption to a level that qualifies for Green Building certification. SSG also sees sustainability from a work environment perspective. To promote positive development in the company, the office spaces are utilised in an innovative and valuable way.

The move has played a key role in our long-term efforts to develop SSG’s culture and create an optimal work environment for our employees.

Mats Jakobsson, CEO, SSG Standard Solutions Group.