The most important people must have the best properties!

We provide properties for some of the most important people in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The staff who work in our premises educate our children, take care of our elderly and help to keep our society safe.

Hemfosa is the second-largest private owner of community service properties in Sweden and the only listed property company with this specialisation. This gives us a unique position on our markets – Sweden, Norway and Finland. Our premises are the workplace for police officers, teachers and doctors, among others, and we at Hemfosa work actively to adapt our properties to their needs, enabling them to contribute to a sustainable society. You can find more information about community service properties here.


Hemfosa shall be the natural choice for properties for society’s key workers. The most important element in achieving this is working actively to create long-term relationships with our tenants. By thinking sustainably and developing our properties to meet our customers’ changing needs, we can develop the property sector at the same time as contributing to a sustainable society.


Hemfosa exists to support police officers, teachers, doctors and other key workers in our society by creating the right premises for the work they do. The properties shall be developed and adapted to simplify our tenants’ work. By focusing on community service properties, we play a part in sustainable social development at the same time as creating high and stable returns.

Business concept

Hemfosa shall be a long-term owner, developer and manager of community service properties. We shall create value by participating actively in a changing property market with a view to generating long-term, high and stable returns.