Hemfosa is a specialist within community service properties in areas such as health care, education and the judicial system in the Nordic region. By acquiring, selling and developing community service properties, we work every day to meet the needs of our tenants. Our target is to continue growing and make a good business even better.

Focusing on activities that are largely financed through taxes allows us to minimize our economic risks. Schools, residential care facilities and public authorities need long-term solutions, leading to longer tenancy agreements and stable cash flows.

Hemfosa’s tenants are important community services, including schools, residential care facilities, preschools, Police and the judicial system, operated by government, municipalities or county councils as well as private operators of public service. The demand of premises for these operations is increasing as the population is growing and the proportion of children and elders is becoming larger. This is signaling a clear need for Hemfosa’s properties, experience and knowledge within the area, both in smaller and larger cities.

We will be there to serve the community and provide the best properties for the most important people.

With its local presence, Hemfosa will acquire, own over the long term, develop and actively manage community service properties in the Nordic region.


Growth Targets:

  • Grow to SEK 50 billion in property value within five years
  • Distributable earnings* per share will increase on average by a minimum of 10 percent per year

Dividend Policy:

  • The dividend will amount to approximately 40 percent of distributable earnings
    *Profit from property management, excluding the share in profit from joint ventures and after tax.


Growth with profitability and low risk
The core of the new strategy is to promote Hemfosa’s growth and make a good business even better. Hemfosa will strengthen its position as the market leader in Sweden and Norway and take significant steps in Finland by expanding its activities and presence on the Finnish market. The company’s aim is to capitalize on growth opportunities since the need for community service properties is increasing in all three markets, driven by a growing population, and a larger proportion of children and elders.

Growth through acquisitions and project development of community service projects
This planned growth will take place through acquisitions and project development. The vast majority of growth will take place through acquisitions of properties. The project development will represent an increasing share of Hemfosa’s growth, accounting for about a third of growth during the period. The company intends to assume a clear position in Project development for community service properties through partnerships and by gradually expanding internal resources, with proprietary concepts, through land allotment and its own existing properties.

Long-term and sustainable development
Experienced employees and the company’s strong local organization will continue to generate business and further strengthen relationships with the tenants. The company will continue to work effectively with a long-term approach and a flat organization where motivated employees can assume far-reaching responsibility. Combining Hemfosa’s entrepreneurial spirit with an enhanced structure will scale up the operations, while retaining an agile and business-focused organization. Hemfosa will manage, develop and invest for the long term with sustainability as a natural and integrated part of the operations and all business decisions.