The tenant is king

We shall be the Nordic region’s leading operator within properties in areas such as health care, education and the judicial system. By acquiring, selling and developing community service properties, we work every day to meet the needs of our tenants.

Focusing on activities that are largely financed through taxes allows us to minimise our economic risks. Schools, residential care facilities and public authorities need long-term solutions, leading to longer tenancy agreements and stable cash flows. However, long-term relationships entail a big responsibility. We seek constantly to evaluate and develop our property holdings to continue to be able to provide premises of the highest quality. Would you too like to help some of the most important people in Sweden, Norway and Finland? Read more about working at Hemfosa here.

Growing need for community service properties

“Community service properties” is an umbrella term for all premises that are publicly financed and used for public services. This includes schools, preschools, health care and residential care facilities, the judicial system and public authorities. The demand for specially adapted properties for these services is increasing all the time, signalling a clear need for Hemfosa’s experience and knowledge.

Business concept

Hemfosa shall be a long-term owner, developer and manager of community service properties. We shall create value by participating actively in a changing property market with a view to generating long-term, high and stable returns.


Hemfosa shall generate long-term, high and stable growth with strong cash flow by:

  • developing and refining its property holdings
  • creating and maintaining long-term tenant relationships through market-oriented and professional property management
  • developing long-term relationships with public authorities, county councils and municipalities, as well as private operators of public services
  • increasing the share of community service properties to at least 75% of the total property value

Hemfosa shall be active on the Nordic transaction market with a view to:

  • creating growth
  • maximising returns relative to risk
  • generating transaction gains

 Focus areas

Being there to serve the community
Hemfosa shall be there to serve the community by:

  • creating and promoting growth by being a flexible, agile and knowledgeable property owner in the community services segment
  • being the preferred choice of operators in the community services sector as a long-term, sustainable business partner for premises, properties and infrastructure
  • accumulating expertise and specialist know-how to meet our tenants’ needs for expansion and development
  • being one of the leading community service property companies in the Nordics