Long-term and sustainable development

As a property company, we have a big responsibility, both to our tenants and to society at large. This is why sustainability work is a natural part of our day-to-day operations.


Long-term relationships allow us to create opportunities for good financial results and a better environment. Doing this requires us to assume a high level of responsibility for our own organisational culture and the values that shall characterise Hemfosa. We shall be a property owner and manager that contributes to sustainable development. Working in the right premises, with modern, adapted solutions and a clear environmental focus, our tenants can make a difference to society. Want to know more about our properties? Click here.


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Hemfosa’s sustainability work can be divided into three categories: economic responsibility, social responsibility and environmental responsibility.

Economic responsibility

Since it was founded in 2009, Hemfosa has grown into a stable, listed property company with good earnings. Our tenants within community service properties largely comprise publicly funded services, often with long tenancy agreements. This creates good stability for the public service activity, and gives Hemfosa opportunities to meet its customers’ needs.We work continuously to ensure that our operations contribute to a sustainable society with good growth, and try to do this in a way that minimises our impact on people and the environment wherever possible.

Social responsibility

There is a large body of knowledge and understanding within Hemfosa of the special needs and requirements inherent in public service activities. Our corporate culture is defined by a businesslike attitude, humanity and participation – which is why the organisation is both flat and fleet-footed.Strong business ethics and long-term relationships are important starting points both internally and externally. Health and safety are paramount, for employees and tenants alike.

Environmental responsibility

Choice of materials, supplies and use of energy are all vital components of a property’s environmental footprint. We continually keep abreast of developments and make conscious choices to minimise negative climate impacts, while simultaneously reducing the risks for our own business and meeting the quality requirements of our tenants. Hemfosa’s approach to environmental responsibility is based on the Environmental policy adopted by the Board of Directors in April 2017.