Always putting the residents’ needs first

With a combination of courage, innovation and long-term vision, Humana and Hemfosa have set a new standard for the design of elderly accommodation.

Before construction started, Humana invested heavily in gathering the latest research data from experts in elderly and dementia care. The theoretical data was supplemented with valuable experience from care staff and the residents. The results were compiled to create training material to help the architects and interior designers build and plan a completely new generation of elderly accommodation.

Elderly accommodation is not typically regarded as challenging and inspiring, but the accommodation in central Gävle is definitely both. For instance, the award-winning indoor lighting design creates a natural circadian rhythm that improves mood and sleep quality. Attention to the residents’ needs is seen in everything from the electrics and ventilation to the surfaces and colour schemes.

In 2014, the same year construction of the accommodation started, Hemfosa and Humana agreed upon a 15-year lease contract, that came into effect immediately after the buildings’ completion. The result of the partnership is a modern elderly home that is highly appreciated by residents, relatives and staff.

Humana wants to develop in a long-term partnership with a landlord that understands our needs and shares our values.

Kristoffer Andersson, Property manager, Humana.

The concept that set a new standard in Gävle has become a template for Humana’s own construction of elderly accommodation. Meanwhile, the successful partnership with Hemfosa continues to thrive, and the two companies are jointly planning the construction of new LSS and elderly accommodation.