Hemfosa’s forms of remuneration shall motivate senior executives to do their utmost to safeguard the interests of the shareholders. This is why they must be simple, long term, measurable and, above all, competitive.

The remuneration comprises fixed and variable components. The fixed salary is based on competence, responsibilities and performance, while the variable component rewards achievement of targets. Variable remuneration for senior executives shall not exceed four months’ salary and shall not be pensionable. The total variable remuneration may not be more than SEK 3 million.

Incentive programmes

Incentive programmes for senior executives enable us to ensure a long-term commitment that benefits the company’s development. These programmes are mainly related to shares or share prices, and are passed by resolution at the general meeting.

Pension terms

Senior executives’ pension terms shall be based on defined contribution pension solutions and follow or be equivalent to the general pension plan. Dismissal pay and severance payments for a senior executive, e.g. the CEO, CFO and other members of group management, shall not in total exceed 18 months’ salary if the executive is dismissed by the company. In the case of the executive giving notice, such payments shall not exceed six months’ salary. The Board of Directors may waive the above guidelines if there are special reasons to do so.

Employee share warrant programme

An incentive programme for Hemfosa’s employees in the form of a share warrant programme was adopted at the Annual General Meeting 2017. The aim of the share warrant programme is to introduce a reward system that is competitive in all the company’s markets. It is further intended to function as a guideline for the company’s management group in its work on company strategy, and to provide employees with an increased opportunity to share in the company’s successes.