Courage and partnership result in a challenging and successful landmark

Upgrading an early 20th century building with modern architecture is no simple task. The Swedish National Courts Administration in Alingsås dared to be innovative and created the district court premises of their dreams.

Alingsås District Court had been evaluating their old and planning for their new premises for many years when Hemfosa acquired the existing property in 2010. The District Court needed to expand the courtroom and office space, and there was also a strong need to renovate the premises to improve logistics and safety.

When construction started in 2012, the whole project team had a clear vision and strong commitment. In the years that followed, the landlord, architects, interior designers and tenants collaborated closely to implement the project. The District Court’s staff were closely involved and clear about their needs.

Our most important consideration was that the premises should be designed to promote our business.

Jill Oscarsson, Chief Administrator, Alingsås District Court.

Everyone involved wanted to create a unique solution that respected the building’s history while looking towards the future. It was important not to upgrade the original brick building with drab or nondescript architecture. After a design concept was agreed on, the project was implemented in phases.

The new rooms in the renovated building have exceptionally high ceilings, and lighting design, furniture and textiles have been carefully combined to create a secure and dignified setting for the emotionally charged situations that may occur during proceedings. Moreover, special focus was given to the way people move between the different functions in the building, and to the high logistical and security demands.

The first impression of the new building was a crucial consideration. The unique sheet metal façade was a challenging and much-discussed aspect during construction. Since its installation, the façade has received widespread praise, while the building supporting it has been nominated for several architectural and design awards. And the impression the upgraded District Court gives to visitors and passers-by is anything but nondescript.