Investing in a green
future together

With sustainable alternatives and modern solutions, Västmanland County Administrative Board aims to set a good example for local residents.

In partnership with its landlord, Västmanland County Administrative Board is making environmental and sustainability investments to reduce the authority’s environmental impact. In 2019, the discussions that started two years ago will become concrete solutions that will be visible both on and around the elegant 1960s building. Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof, charging posts for electric and hybrid cars will be added in the car parks, and sheltered and new lockable bicycle parking spaces will create a more bicycle-friendly workplace.

A good landlord is proactive and sensitive to tenants’ needs. To maintain a fruitful long-term partnership, there must be give and take on both sides.

Åsa Halldorf

The County Administrative Board works extensively with environmental issues, and one of their main duties is to encourage a transition to green energy and help the County’s residents rationalise their energy use. For this reason, the solar panel project started with internal discussions in which the Administrative Board examined the question “How can we set a good example?”. When clear answers started emerging, the Administrative Board contacted Hemfosa, the property owner, to discuss ways of improving self-sustainability. In the subsequent phase, an in-depth feasibility study showed that the photovoltaic panels on the roof could cut energy costs by approximately 150,000 SEK per year.

Föregående Nästa