Premises that contribute to development

The people who work in our premises are important to our entire society. By providing properties for health and care services, education and the judicial system, we’re contributing to a sustainable social development.

The right premises are a precondition for a functioning society. Our properties are well adapted to our tenants’ needs, thus simplifying their day-to-day work. The goal is to be a reliable, responsive and active landlord for the most important people in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

We develop together with our tenants

Our properties include customized premises for community services that citizens encounter at various stages throughout their lives. As a result, many varying user requirements and rules and regulations have to be taken into account. Through long-term, close relationships we develop together with our tenants to remain the natural choice when it comes to properties for the Nordic region’s most important public service activities.

Expanding property holdings in the Nordic region

Our foucs lies on being there to serve the community. With a strong local presence in Sweden, Norway and Finland, we are one of the largest private owner of community service properties in Sweden. The Stockholm, Gothenburg and Öresund regions make up the bulk of the holdings, but there are also properties in fast-growing municipalities in central Sweden and along the Norrland coast. Our property portfolios in Norway and Finland has its focus within the Oslo and Helsinki region, respectively. Since 2015, Hemfosa has been a strong participant within community service properties in Norway and Finland. In contrast to our holdings in the Swedish market, the property holdings here consist exclusively of community service properties.