Specialists in important premises

Properties for health care, the judicial system, education and other key social players are Hemfosa’s area of expertise. Today, we are one of Sweden’s largest private owners of community service properties.

Our tenants’ needs are changing all the time – which is why we work actively to develop our premises. At the same time as providing high-quality community service properties, we stay close to our tenants by offering a good and valuable service – all to create and maintain long-term relationships.


Based on our long experience and extensive knowledge, we offer properties specially adapted to the tenant’s needs. For example, police stations need a high level of security and schools have high specifications when it comes to layout. Together with architects, educationalists and operators we design the right premises for community services that satisfy current requirements and needs and those of the future.

Taking legislation and regulations as our starting point, we take all requirements and preferences into consideration to build long-term relationships with our tenants. Our expertise within community service properties gives us a unique position on the market, and with our portfolio of modern and sustainable buildings we shall remain the natural choice when it comes to properties for the Nordic region’s most important public service activities.

Do you want to know more about what Hemfosa can offer? Contact us at: +46 8 448 04 80