Properties for two different worlds

Stockholm Administrative Court has around 500 employees who face a particular challenge. Just as with all other public-services properties, there needs to be room for two different worlds. The combination between workplace and public space is a challenge that we often encounter, but our experience allows us to find the best solutions together with our customer for their particular needs.

Creating and maintaining properties that are more than just a normal workplace is what Hemfosa does every day. Public-services properties, such as Stockholm Administrative Court, are also spaces that are accessed by the public.

We have to bear in mind that this is a workplace combined with a public space. Both functions need to be incorporated, although visitors are mostly there for legal cases. You have to respect the privacy of both parties,

says Joakim Helmersson of the Administrative Court.

It’s not always as easy as creating a property from scratch for a specific tenant. Sometimes it’s necessary to adapt an existing premises to make life easier for those who move around the corridors, attend meetings and receive visitors every day. Johan Helmersson and his colleagues’ workplace was such a case. The Administrative Court had already been based in the property for eight years and had recently undergone a major refurbishment when Hemfosa acquired it.

However long a tenant has been based in a premises, it’s important to always take a long-term view. We can help the tenant at the moment, but what about if requirements change? Making life easier for them over the long term is always key,

says Allan Ljungstedt at Hemfosa.

Tenants’ requirements for a premises can change considerably. For instance, like lots of other authorities, the Administrative Court now has tighter security requirements for the premises, which means the entrance area will need to be refurbished. The next time visitors enter the building they will pass through a security check, similar to those at airports.

Our task is to help them keep up with the times by updating the premises and creating modern spaces based on their needs. Security is of course one of a number of key issues in this case, as it is for many of our other tenants. The new requirements call for a change, so we’re going to remodel the entrance area to meet these needs. There will be metal detectors and x-ray machines,

says Allan Ljungstedt at Hemfosa.