Together we’ve created the best place to learn

As a landlord, Hemfosa plays an important part in helping the organisations based in our properties to develop. We have been cooperating with the International English School in Sundsvall for almost five years. Over that time, the school has doubled both in terms of space and its number of pupils.

We are the most popular English school in the whole of Sweden. Our success wouldn’t have been possible without Hemfosa,

says principal Pascal Brisson.

Cooperation began in 2014 when Hemfosa acquired the property, in which the school is currently based, from the previous owner. It was the right time for the school to grow and Pascal Brisson contacted the landlord to discuss ideas and explore options for how it could develop. Today, the brick structure of an old hospital has merged with buildings from the 1970s and new-build teaching facilities.

We started talking about the existing buildings and how they could be improved and renovated. But we soon started looking ahead to our future needs. We started brainstorming together,

The next stage was for those ideas to become technical drawings, marking the start of an intensive project that would pave the way for many other projects. When the school opened for the autumn term in August 2018, staff and pupils entered a new, modern school building. The new building with an area of 6,690 square metres complements the existing premises and houses the gymnasium, the kitchen and dining hall, staff room and around 15 classrooms.

The newly built property is Green Building-certified for energy-efficiency and we have thought long-term and consistently built things right. We construct buildings that will outlast us. It will be here for 50, 60…100 years. If we don’t think for the long term we can’t produce the right product,

says Christer Melander, Regional Manager at Hemfosa.

Together, the property owner and tenant have created a modern, sustainable school where every pupil is important. That can be seen in everything from the layout to the furnishings and choice of colours.
The staff room is accessible to everyone and is situated at the centre of the school to demonstrate its importance and so staff can see all the schools buildings from there.

The school has been built around the best interests of pupils and to safeguard their privacy. Instead of communal showers, the changing rooms have individual shower rooms. The school’s communal spaces are situated and furnished to encourage openness and visibility. The aim is for pupils to feel comfortable and secure in the corridors, the dining hall and the changing rooms.

We have listened to each other and we have a partnership. Both parties have to feel comfortable for a partnership to work. We need to understand each other’s values, what’s important and that we have to cooperate to achieve our goals. That’s been key to things working so well and why the school will continue to thrive in the future,

says Pascal Brisson

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