Utilising the space to benefit students

Having a proactive and reliable landlord is essential in order for Fridaskolan school to create an inspiring learning environment.

Fridaskolan comprises a preschool, a compulsory comprehensive school and an upper secondary school in premises covering 10,000 square metres near Hagaparken park in Vänersborg. The school had been operating on the former regimental area in Vänersborg for many years when Hemfosa acquired the premises in 2014, which includes school buildings, offices and a sports hall.

Fridaskolan wants to encourage individuals to seek and follow their own path in life. When the students leave secondary school, they should be independent, know their strengths, and feel secure and confident. The school has undergone several extensions since starting, and  Hemfosa has regularly adapted the new, extended premises to the school’s requirements.

We aim to have a wide variety of learning environments and to get maximum functionality out of the existing space.

Johan Larsson, Marketing Manager, Fridaskolan.

In Vänersborg, Hemfosa and Fridaskolan will soon develop their partnership further: in  2019 there are plans to renovate and extend the comprehensive school to accommodate a further 80 students.